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Art festival to commemorate Cao Xueqin
The fourth Cao Xueqin Culture and Art Festival kicked off in the Cao Xueqin Memorial in Beijing Botanical Garden on Sept 22, according to the organizing committee of the festival.
- Palace Museum receives the biggest cash donation - Beijing hutong art space more a 'back garden'
- 'Faust' tale told with Peking Opera - Beijing to display relics from ancient tomb
- China's National Museum 2nd most popular - Shakespeare's Kings come to Beijing
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Photos capture Arctic beauty
Arctic Life, a photo exhibition currently presented in Beijing, gives a glimpse of the cold, mysterious landscape and the residents of the Arctic Circle to the outside world.
- 'The Phantom of the Opera' to hold 64 shows - Yuan Yunfu's paintings on exhibition
- China Beijing Int'l Art Fair to kick off - Joint virtual exhibitions between Taipei and Beijing
- Virtual Van Gogh - 18th Beijing Art Expo




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